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Friday, July 25, 2014

My First Blinged-Out Book!

Over the course of two days, I have completed my first book hack.

I started out by drilling holes into wooden covers, which I attached to a spine using a binding method called the "Secret Belgian Binding."

After piecing the cover together, I drilled holes in the cover for five LEDs.

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I inserted the diode through the largest hole before sewing four Lilypad LEDs using conductive thread. I connected all of lights to copper tapes on a paper battery holder that I made.

I have since determined that my 3V battery is not sufficient to power all of the LEDs.  Using the 3V battery, the blue light (the last one in the series) is not getting enough power.I tested this theory by temporarily connecting the cover to a 9V battery.  This made a huge difference, so now I need to find a stronger battery.

I am not too excited about having to take everything apart to create a bigger paper holder, however!

Update:  I just learned that you can STACK coin batteries to increase their voltage!

After playing with the lights, I cut and sewed in the signatures to make a book block.

Lastly, I glued in decorative end papers next (with a flap to reveal the battery).

Here is a peak at the inside.

This book feels nice in the palms of my hands.  Its dimensions are 5" X 5".  I've used Hammermill coverstock for the book block and end papers.

I wish that I'd make the book block a little bit thinner, because there isn't much room for expansion in this model.


I have revised this book.  To see how, please visit "Revised Model."

NGSS Framework Practices Addressed

1.  Asking questions (for science) and defining problems (for engineering)
2.  Developing and using models
3.  Planning and carrying out investigations
4.  Analyzing and interpreting data
6.  Constructing explanations (for science) and designing solutions (for engineering)
8.  Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information