ISTE Standards & NGSS Science & Engineering Practies

Monday, August 18, 2014

Standards and Rubric


This blog documents the work that I have done to combine electronics with bookbinding.  Here are some of the items that I have been working on.  I still have ideas that remain works in progress. Throughout the process, I've added posts about each creation.  I plan to continue adding to this blog as I create and learn more.

(I used the following apps to create this video:
iStopMotion, DoInk, GreenScreen,
Tiltshift, iMovie, and Magisto.)


I adapted the Buck Institute's Creativity and Innovation Rubric for my assessment.  You may link to my adapted rubric by clicking on the tab labeled Rubric at the top of this page.

ISTE Standards & NGSS Science & Engineering Practices:

To view the standards most closely associated with my project, click on the tab labeled Standards at the top of this page.