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Monday, February 13, 2017

Statue of Liberty: Illuminated Pop-Up

Statue of Liberty 

I've been experimenting with creating light-up pop-ups, in a book controlled via a Photon microcontroller. I initially tried to light up both sides of the statue (and both sides of the book in her arms), but I ended up abandoning the idea after several failed attempts (and lots of short circuits).  It had seemed easy in theory, but it was far more fiddly than I expected.  

The copper tape, connected to the Photon, runs from the center of the book up the pop-up's arm.
Only one side of the statue lights up.
I used conductive fabric tape in the gutter.
In the end, I decided to illuminate one side the torch and a border around the pop-up.  The torch flickers like a candle, while the border glows steadily.
I overlaid a fresh piece of paper with a cut-out for the pop-up.

I haven't decided whether I want to write on this or just leave it the way it is.