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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wifi-Connected Book Model 2: Featuring Particle Photon

Internet Connected Book Model 2

I recently completed my second internet connected book, embedded with a Photon microcontroller.

The conductive fabric on this iteration has a more uniform look, because I made an effort to cut all of the strips the same width.  

Like the first model, I embedded a Particle Photon, LilyPad Simple Power, and an 850 mAh lithium polymer battery.  Prior to binding the book, I tested each of the copper leads with a multimeter.

I used a paper circuit, clipped to the conductive fabric with an alligator clip, to test each connection.
One significant change that I made was using stranded wire instead of copper craft wire.  I found that it was less prone to breakage, as well as being easier to twist and solder.

While I started out using the same code that I composed for my first book, I've tweaked it in a variety of ways, to achieve different effects and play different music.

Nine pages of this book are illustrated/ animated with the help of paper circuits, compared with only six in my previous model.