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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Progress Toward Wifi-Connected Book

Over the past three months, I've been learning how to program the Particle Photon, with the goal of creating my own wifi-connected book (inspired by Natalie Freed and Jie Qi). So far, I've been documenting my learning on another blog, because most of my work up to this point hasn't been super artistic. Now that I've learned some of the basics of how the Internet of Things works, I'm pleased to report that I'm about to embark upon the next stage of my process-creating an actual book!

While I am still in the process of brainstorming some of the features that I'd like for my book to have, I'm excited that I've figured out a way to use data from a light sensor to trigger different animations on a paper circuit, through the Particle cloud.  If you're interested in learning more about my process so far, feel free to visit my other blog, New Things I've Tried.  My goal is to have a completed book by March 2017.  I will be documenting my progress along the way.