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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blinking Halloween Tunnel Book

Observing from the sidelines, the ritual of my teacher friends attending in-service and frantically preparing their classrooms, is bittersweet.  Gratefully, as summer winds down and a new school year starts, the promise of autumn's delights remains for me a pleasant distraction.   Although I miss having a classroom of my own, I appreciate the creative incubation time that freelance work allows.

In preparation for a paper circuitry workshop that I'm teaching in October, I decided to construct a blinking Halloween tunnel book as my latest project.  Like the Roadrunner tunnel book that I made earlier this summer, this one is illuminated by a paper circuit controlled by an ATtiny85.

I got started by drawing some spooky shapes on white card stock and cutting them out with a pen knife.  When I was happy with the templates, I traced the designs onto black card stock.

I backed the last layer with a piece of copy paper to diffuse the light.

Here's an illuminated view.
A view of the book taken in daylight.

I opted to use a paper battery holder, rather than alligator clips.
My circuit is quite a mess, because I didn't plan it well at the start.