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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Girls Make IT: Circuits, Coding, and eTextiles (Model 2)

An upcoming event for middle school girls, Girls Make IT:  Circuits, Coding, and eTextiles, has prompted me to design several simple book structures.

I shared one in a previous post and am sharing another one here.  It is my hope that these projects might be easily created in a classroom setting, to help get students and teachers making, while practicing literacy, creativity, and simple circuits.

The following tools and supplies will be useful:

paper for the book block
felt for the cover
1 X 3V coin cell battery
1 X sewable battery holder
conductive thread
embroidery thread
1 X LilyPad LED or 1 X 5mm LED
craft tape

glue gun
needle threader
rotary cutter with a protective mat

Before getting started, you will need to assemble a book block.  I've made mine small enough to fit inside of a 3" X 3"  origami box, but you can make yours any size you like.

(Felt Cover Page 1)
(Felt Cover Page 2)

(Felt Cover Page 3)