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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Zentangle Journals

These are my latest creations.  While I have not demonstrated any new breakthroughs with my understanding of electronics with these particular models, I did make several improvements over the original versions.

Like the previous models, I used conductive thread to sew the LEDs to the spine, and I connected the threads to a battery held in a paper holder.

Unlike the previous models, I did not connect my signatures to the conductive loops of thread that were formed when attaching the LEDs.

Instead, I added a strip of Tyvek over the conductive loops on the inside of the spine and then re-entered the holes attaching the LEDs using a thin linen thread.  I then sewed the signatures to the linen thread loops.  Over time, I suspect that this will result in a more durable book.

Something else that I did differently was decorate my covers with Zentangle illustrations and acrylic inks.  I also improved the structure by sewing a third signature into each model.