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Monday, September 12, 2022

My First Pop Up Book

I recently took an online course called "Pop Up Fundamentals:  Storytelling with Paper and Light" taught by Karen Friel!  

In it, we were invited to create a pop up book, inspired by a city we love!

This is my first pop up book, showcasing three of my favorite places in Munich!

Fraunkirche Munich

Chinese Tower Beer Garden 


Light Up Picture Switcher (Dissolve Card)

In my latest tutorial, Dissolve Card: Light Up Picture Switcher, I’ll show you how to make a light-up version of a Victorian Era mechanism known as a dissolve, or dissolve card.  

This paper mechanics project combines a trick of the eye (and pictures that flip) with a little electronic trickery — Circuit Sticker LEDs and a sliding switch!

While the examples showcased in this project have a Halloween vibe, the paper circuit techniques you’ll learn may be applied for a variety of themes!

Light Up Dissolve Card
Dissolve Card: Light Up Picture Switcher
Light Up Dissolve Card GIF
Two alternating images create an optical illusion in a dissolve card.

In addition to detailed directions and photos, the Dissolve Card: Light Up Picture Switcher tutorial also features a complete video demonstration, custom cut files that may be uploaded to a home fabrication machine, and other support materials.

I've also created an Instructable that teaches how to make this mechanical project!  

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Monday, April 25, 2022

Light Up (Electrified) Cobweb Card With a Reed Switch (Normally Closed)

Cobweb cards were a popular mechanical structure popularized during the Victorian Era, a time when people spent a lot of time and resources making and sending each other elaborate (often hand-made) Valentine's.

Seeing one of these interactive cards in action on the Met Museum's blog gave me an idea!  What if, in addition to revealing a hidden image, my card could also light up when the lacy cobweb layer was lifted?  

That is where the "normally closed" reed switch comes in!

If you'd like to learn more about how reed switches work, or how to make your own light up cobweb card, please visit my tutorial on the Chibitronics website:

 Magical Magnetism:  Intro to Reed Switches (Normally Closed)

Here is a sneak peak!

Magic Wand & Reed Switch (Normally Open)

Did you know that you can use a magnetic component, called a reed switch, to alter the behavior of circuits, including paper ones? 

If you'd like to learn more about how to use a reed switch in a paper circuit project (or how to make a quick paper wand), please visit my tutorial on the Chibitronics website: 

Magical Magnetism:  Intro to Reed Switches (Normally Open).

A magnetic magic wand closing a circuit containing a reed switch